Fighting the Great Reset One Inch at a Time


What we have today is national sabotage of the ugliest kind, treachery orchestrated by malicious Americans-in-name-only who insist they are acting for our "own good." They hide their intentions behind imaginary virtues, but what they spout is pure propaganda. You're either with them or a "racist." You either support their goals for a centrally controlled economy or are "killing the planet." You either understand why they must lock you up in your home during "emergencies" or are "anti-science." You either accept tainted elections or are an "insurrectionist." You either support government power absolutely or are an "extremist." You either embrace their absurdities or are "hateful." You either support their mass programs for re-education or are "dangerous." Like a political prisoner being brainwashed into compliance, you will either obey or suffer the consequences. And the brainwashers will not relent until Americans accept their new normal and America is destroyed for good.

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