Federal Elections 2021 - Vote Wisely


There are certainly responsible politicians, no matter the party affiliation. However, the critical mission this time is to eliminate the biggest threat facing the nation and that is Justin Trudeau.

Therefore, don't get lured by the theatrical debates performance. From past experience, we all know what happens afterwards mostly never resembles the promises. As you'll observe from now up until Election Day, party leaders are trying to outdo each other with exorbitant promises. Given Trudeau's record, it should be very clear to everyone that he is most unfit and dangerous for the country; by far the worst prime minister ever. His arrogance and failure to recognize that and the population's disgust are signs of his natural dictatorial trait. Perhaps Dr. Jordan Peterson describes him best.

The communism admirer's ambition to grab full tyrannical power in order to continue destroying our nation, our liberty and our way of life is his real platform, e.g. Bill C-10 and Bill C-36. Just like the dictatorship that Trudeau aspires to cement permanently, he's already indicated that he would call another election if he didn't get the results he wants. What arrogance and disrespect! No limits for taxpayer spending: $700 million for these unnecessary elections; a $billion bribe to provinces for vaccine passports; $400 million more to keep CBC hostage, Islamization (M-103 and NCCM Recommendations, National Summit on Islamophobia) - both propaganda subverting our timid politicians, and so on.

To those people lured by socialism, which has infiltrated the main parties when so many have escaped from it or are trying to escape from it, listen to this video from Prager University about socialism in Venezuela! 

All these add up to his list of shenanigans and irresponsible $trillion debt to no end, an incredible, perhaps even unmanageable, nightmare for the present and future generations. Again, globalist Trudeau's loyalty is not towards Canadians but to the New World Order who's strategically taking control of humanity, tyrannically. Let's stay focused on getting rid of the traitor and his accomplices.

Since the Conservatives appear to be the only option to dislodge the buffoon, one crucial thing must happen and, hopefully, their leaders will be true patriots. Whether or not the NDP and the Bloc want to support the Conservatives, they must not side with Trudeau at the last minute for him to win. No complicity, no negotiations and no deals of any kind. Repairing the nation as per the Constitution is the priority; anything to the contrary would be outrageous and highly treasonous.

At the other end of the spectrum, where Canadian patriots insist on voting on principles, we actually have two other choices, although the Liberal funded media entirely shuts them out.

The People's Party of Canada

The People's Party of Canada is adamant about re-establishing democracy, nationalism, the Constitution, limiting immigration, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and protecting Canadian values. Their beliefs are succinctly summarized in their four founding principles: Freedom, Responsibility, Fairness and Respect. These principles guide and inform the policies of the People's Party.

The Christian Heritage Party

Canada's heritage is common to all western countries where the laws are founded on biblical values. The fruits of this heritage are unparalleled freedoms and equal standing before the law for all citizens. One could take a map of the world, highlight those countries with the greatest historic freedoms and equality of opportunity and see the benefits, which have come to their citizens from our shared Christian heritage.

Finally, Canadians. Do yourself an immense favour, and to your families and future generations, and VOTE WISELY. Your future depends on it.