FBI can’t figure out motive of Muslim who drove burning minivan full of propane tanks onto Travis Air Force Base


"We don't have any nexus of terrorism at this point," Ragan said.

That means they didn't find an ISIS membership card in his wallet, or lots of phone calls to Iraq or Syria, or a note from Kazi reading, "I did this for Allah and Islam. Allahu akbar."

Of course, even if they had found those things, given their track record of denial and deception, they may still be searching for Kazi's motive. In any case, a larger point is being lost here. And that is that there is a war going on. We know that the Islamic State, al-Qaeda and other groups have called upon Muslims in the U.S. to try to kill military personnel and police, as well as civilians. We know that Kazi, with all the propane and gas tanks in his car, was clearly trying to set off a major fire that would kill more people than just himself. Even if he wasn't on the phone to Baghdadi, the likelihood is that when a Muslim drives into a U.S. Air Force Base with a car full of incendiaries, probably this has something to do with the global jihad.

The FBI's bafflement here is part of its deep, deep corruption. The FBI doesn't acknowledge that there is a global jihad, or that Islam has anything to do with terrorism. It doesn't admit that there is a war going on, and treats each act of Islamic terror as if it were a separate and discrete criminal event, unrelated to all the others. So each time something like this happens, they're back at Square One, trying to figure out motive. It's as if the U.S. Army stopped to interrogate every German soldier who crashed through the Ardennes Forest at the beginning of the Battle of the Bulge in 1944, to see if each one's actions had anything to do with the German Army and Adolf Hitler's war aims.

This willful ignorance leads to a diversion and waste of resources that is astronomical and catastrophic.