Fauci’s wife needs an investigation, too


Now that Dr. Anthony Fauci is feeling the heat for funding gain-of-function research at Wuhan Institute of Virology and covering it up, it's time to scrutinize his wife. Christine Grady, MSN, PhD, is Fauci's colleague at the National Institute of Health, where she serves as Chief of Bioethics and Head of Human Subjects Research at the NIH Clinical Center. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., founder of Children's Health Defense, had some choice words for Fauci in a recent interview, calling him an "absolute dictator" who turned NIH "into an incubator for pharmaceutical products...all he does is develop new drugs and get us addicted to them. Now, under his watch, we take more drugs than anybody in the world, we paid the highest prices for them, and we have the worst health outcomes, and that is all Tony Fauci."

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