Fascist “journalist” Marc Thibodeau of Quebec’s La Presse defames Ensaf Haidar for meeting with Robert Spencer


Today Quebec's French-language La Presse features a lengthy hit piece by "journalist" and hard-Left propagandist Marc Thibodeau, entitled "La femme de Raif Badawi liée à un auteur 'extrémiste,'" that is, "Raif Badawi's wife linked to 'extremist' author." Badawi is the Saudi writer who is imprisoned there for insulting Islam; Thibodeau doesn't see fit to include the fact in his headline, but his wife actually has a name, Ensaf Haidar.

The "extremist author" in question is, of course, me. Thibodeau and La Presse are stooping so low as to try to defame Ensaf Haidar and besmirch her cause of trying to get her husband freed, because she had the temerity to meet with me recently, despite my being on the SPLC/CAIR list of people with whom one must not associate, or else.