Face Masks Aid Child Abduction

Can you tell the difference between these kids?  Can you tell if they're sad or asking for help?  Could you pick them out in a crowd of 1000 people?  By requiring kids to wear masks - whether it's in stores, in schools, or a public place - you are robbing them of their ONE hope of being found in the event that they get taken - their faces.

Did you know that more than 2,000 missing-child reports are filed each day, and that many of them can be easily found when parents provide specific details about their physical appearance and a photo of THEIR FACE?  Did you KNOW that a child in AMERICA is over 66,000 x more likely to be human trafficked than to get COVID-19?

So DO YOU REALIZE that by requiring children over the age of 2 to wear a mask, you are making child abduction & human trafficking SO MUCH EASIER on the offenders? Don't believe me?  Elizabeth Smart was abducted for 9 months and her abductor took her out in public ALL THE TIME.  Her face was plastered EVERYWHERE and burned into everyone's minds. Everyone was looking for her.  She was even questioned by the police prior to being rescued - but because he made her wear a mask, nobody could tell it was her.

Put a hat and a mask on child, and they look no different than the 2000 other kids around them.  Put a mask on a child, and they are unable to non-verbally communicate to anyone around them who might be able to help them.  How many children do you think are out walking through stores or the streets with their abductors yet go unnoticed because wearing a mask or even a total face covering isn't abnormal anymore?

This issue is not about politics or school or the virus.  This is about the CHILDREN.  So ask yourself THIS: do the benefits outweigh the risks?  Making a child wear a mask may or may not protect them from a virus that they may or may not get anyways, that they may or may not have already had, and it will also open the door for so many offenders who have lurked in the shadows afraid to ACT to do just that: go out and actually take a child.  Is that worth the risk?

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 [Quoted from a Facebook post by Christina Grant]