EXPOSED: Immense Failure Of Federal Virus Response Revealed, And It Is Staggering


We have been repeatedly told to 'trust the experts,' and 'trust the government' amid the CCP Coronavirus Pandemic.

Yet, that trust has been hard to come by, because the 'experts' and politicians keep getting it wrong.

And now, federal documents reveal how badly the top level of government failed us:

"Briefing notes prepared by bureaucrats for federal ministers show just how quickly the COVID-19 situation evolved in Canada - with public health officials stating the risk of transmission in Canada was low right up until early March, only to recommend an ordered shutdown of economic life in this country some two weeks later."

To get a sense of the staggering incompetence and failure, consider that - even as people like me were calling for China flight restrictions in JANUARY - the government was still saying the risk was "low," in MARCH . . .

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