EXPOSED: Erdogan's Blueprint To Reestablish The Ottoman Empire


It is not conjecture or hyperbole to say that Turkish President Recep Erdoğan wants to take over the world. Political power is being systemically siphoned by pro-Turkey Islamic parties led by Turkish immigrants throughout Europe as part of Erdoğan's formulaic plan to ultimately re-establish the caliphate.

Erdoğan has openly communicated his imperial formula with the initial phase where Turkey floods Europe with illegal immigrants. He then sends subsequent educated Turkish citizens to legally immigrate into those migrant-dense European communities to run for office and organize the migrants to vote for them. As these Turkish immigrants secure political office, Erdoğan sets up mosques and sends Turkish imams into these countries to train the migrants (mosques also have schools to train the kids). As a final step in this formula, Erdoğan then uses these political parties (and they use the country's laws) to push his agendas and re-establish the authority once held by the Ottoman Empire.

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