Doug Ford's Bill 218 would throw out COVID-19 lawsuits against Ontario government


"The passage of Bill 218 will mark a very dark moment in our history, it will mark a very ugly milestone in our history as 170 years ago the people of Ontario demanded responsible government and they got it.

  1. Bill 218 ends responsible government as we know it!
  2. Bill 218 undermines and makes a mockery of the concept of ministerial responsibility!
  3. Bill 218 allows the government to conceal any incompetence, any wrongdoing, or any consequence, or any remedy for any incompetence or wrongdoing! These are not the hallmarks of a responsible government.
  4. Bill 218 kills the concept of public inquiries, Why did 1000 elderly people die prematurely in our long-term care?
  5. Bill 218 prevents people from learning and understanding what and how their actions may have contributed to the outcome of Covid and their policies.
  6. Bill 218 removes any civil remedy for anybody who has felt that their policies may have been contributing factors to the premature deaths of the elderly.
  7. Bill 218 enables this government to refuse anybody to have any scrutiny over their actions.
  8. Bill 218 may be better stated as "Concealing the Government Actions through Covid", for that is its only purpose and its only function is to prevent and inquiry to what has happened.
  9. Bill 218 does not allow us to examine and evaluate what has happened.
  10. Bill 218 is a brazen attack on responsible government, a brazen attack on the rule of law, and a complete extinguishing of our concepts of common law . . ."

-- Randy Hillier, MPP