EXCLUSIVE: Jordan Peterson film cancelled in Canadian movie theatre


It's a sad reflection of the times, and also slightly ironic, that filmmakers in a free society like Canada encounter censorship of their film about a thoughtful, well-spoken psychology professor, whose own views on free speech are a thousand times more liberal than those "progressive" activists that protest him. Albeit, this censorship is not pushed by a totalitarian state, but by individuals who have been taught to think words are so dangerous that they need to be shielded from anything that might challenge them a little. This is authoritarian and regressive. It's not "unsafe" (to use their language) to hear a view that's outside of your comfort zone. In Peterson's own words, it may even be of critical importance to hear such views: "In order to think you have to risk being offensive," Peterson once told Cathy Newman. And in order to understand, you have to expose yourself to thoughts you may disagree with."