Ex-wife says Trudeau’s “favourite jihadi kidnap victim” was misogynistic bully


PostMedia reporter Andrew Duffy penned quite the bombshell article recently regarding Joshua Boyle who was "rescued" from a Taliban kidnapping along with his wife and children back in October.

There were a number of aspects of the story that raised red flags, including that Boyle's ex-wife was Zaynab Khadr, sister of Omar Khadr, but the first gulp-inducing moment - even for those giving him the benefit of the doubt - occurred in January when he was arrested and charged with 15 criminal acts.

Now what emerges in excerpts of unsealed court documents is that according to his American wife, Caitlin Coleman, Boyle is a misogynist, a bully, and someone who subscribes to "extremist ideologies and the complete subservience of women."

In other words, he's an aspiring Islamist.

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