Everything is upside down


And yet... "There Will Be No Peace in America Until White People Begin to Hate their Whiteness" ...right there in flood lights, direct from Biden's DNC hot bed of pious hate, courtesy of its founding father, Barack Hussein Obama.


Raphael Warnock, the Democrat Senate pick for Georgia, pushed anti-Semitic attacks on Israel, defended Jeremiah Wright's anti-Semitic vitriol, worked at a church that celebrated Fidel Castro, was accused of running over his ex-wife's foot, and was arrested for interfering with a child abuse investigation. And recently this exemplary specimen of democratic persuasion said this...

"There Will Be No Peace in America until White People Begin to Hate their Whiteness" ...he is the Democrat pick for Senate!

Are we shocked, then, that the elections are rigged by an algorithm and tabulated in a foreign country by backers of his party? That Russian-produced fake Dossiers are paid for by the DNC and used by the FBI? A vile Islamist and a bartender rule the US Congress? A President of historic achievements for the Jewish people and Israel, a four-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, is constantly compared to Hitler? A hard-core communist sets Biden's foreign and domestic agenda? Conservative speakers are censured everywhere in the media? Illiterate profane rappers and China-dealing basketball players tell us what to think and how to vote? Sex-video-accidentals, the talentless Kardashians are the apex of American success & celebrity? Abortion clinics are free to operate with unmodified Covid hours but dentists are a danger to society? And the media thinks it can actually determine President-elect?

Today, woke leftism asked me (on a government form) to indicate whether my gender is male/female/transgender male to female/transgender female to male/non-binary or two-spirit. Two-spirit...? I chose "category not listed". How dare they exclude three-spirit from the choice list?

Everything is upside down today because the slippery slope of degradation was set in motion in the LSD-happy 1960s and is only now coming to it's fully intended orgasm. How else can anyone explain Biden...? And Biden and Covid, together in the same year?

But this evening, while strolling around Santan Village shops in Gilbert, Az, a complete stranger of a different race approached me to hand me a pink carnation with the words "please accept this flower and have a nice day." A post-it note was attached to the flower with the same words. Well, Covid and DNC politicians be damned! There's no substitute for good old American friendliness and kindness. I accepted with humble gratitude.

Just a few minutes later, in the same perfect +72F ambient degrees and blooming flowers all around, I met two happy-go-lucky girls dressed in I-love-kitty costumes and wearing huge smiles. They were no older than 20 and one had a gorgeous bi-racial two year old son. She didn't patronize her local planned parenthood slaughterhouse and made the unselfish choice for humanity and life. How effing beautiful.

And yet... "There Will Be No Peace in America Until White People Begin to Hate their Whiteness" ...right there in flood lights, direct from Biden's DNC hot bed of pious hate, courtesy of its founding father, Barack Hussein Obama.

Equality of stupid and genius is what lady liberalism wants. Equality between Islamic female genital mutilation/female body tents/gender subservience and bra-less I-am-woman-hear-me-roar Feminism2020. Equity of remuneration for entrepreneurial risk takers/job providers and liberal arts majors intent on free education to add to their collection of other free stuff. Equality of Nike sneakers & IPhones ownerships for those that loot/thieve and those who save after working 2 jobs. Equality between law breakers and the constantly life-threatened law enforcers.

But equality of skin color, the only equality that matters, has no place in their democratic BLM syntax. Their liberalism can only thrive in the presence of victims and abusers, exactly as Karl Marx laid out in "Das Kapital". So how can we expect them to comprehend the root meaning of the word "equality" once "e" is removed?

And for this reason, a profound thought of a contemporary literary giant with exactly my narrow pedigree and gender (three spirit...) never leaves me: "Who's John Galt?"

And how the hell could this much hate, race baiting, cultural destruction, language subversion, rejection of facts & history, proud amorality, media control, antifa thuggery, BLM-racist dogma, criminality, and good ol' fashioned Marxism descend on this great country? And how the hell could seven, let alone 70 million, vote for all of the above?

The answer is simple: 125 Million followed Lenin to poverty. And for 70 years! 86 Million followed Hitler to savagery. 735 Million followed Mao straight to communist re-education camps. 6 Million knowingly packed their suitcases, dressed their children and obediently boarded cattle cars to meet their maker. 28 Million followed Chavez for 3 Presidential terms to secure a special kind of purgatory for their children and grandchildren. 41 Million had to be dragged kicking and screaming to follow Churchill, and after he defeated unspeakable evil and saved the entire planet from speaking German...they promptly showed him the exit door to political oblivion. 1.3 Billion follow Muhammad directly and literally into submission daily. 7 million followed Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz from rampant prosperity to iron fist repression and loss of freedoms for 5 decades and counting. Heck, 35 Million Canadians continue to follow Trudeau into the world's greatest debt tsunami. And that's just recent history.

Nothing is different today. The self-absorbed, docile, cognitively-lazy public that relies on media for formulation of thought is even more ignorant today than the previous generations. Hence the 2020 Election of 70 Million votes for a sick old man offering nothing more than the same rotten carrot of Socialism, masks and widespread mental pathology on steroids. And a sort-of-black non-male sidekick to satisfy the insatiable skin-colour appetite of his "progressive" base and the many Raphael Warnocks of his party.

As we sit and await our fate, what will prevail?

Reason/achievement/accountability/kept promises/security/safe borders/foreign policies that work/jobs/patriotism/American freedoms and opportunity for all? Or the ultimate decline of the American Empire, an indignation called "Biden"?

To believe that America can avoid making the colossal errors of continental Europe, Russia, Asia, the obedient and ever-so-educated Jews, or the Spanish-speaking neighboring world requires suspension of all belief in documented history of man.

A miracle is badly needed.

Valerie Sobel

November 22, 2020