Emmanuel Macron: Front man for the globalists


Macron knew what he was saying. His ill-mannered comment was a premeditated jab aimed at President Trump, who recently proclaimed that he himself was a proud 'nationalist.' The French president's remark was a backhanded way of saying that Trump, his MAGA supporters, and the people of Eastern Europe were unpatriotic. I might add that the Chinese and Russians are nationalistic on steroids. In fact, the only group of people across the globe which tries to squelch their own nationalism is liberal Western man.

The war against globalism and One World Government will be long and hard. The globalists hold the commanding heights. Institutions like the media and international organizations are on their side. So are mainstream religious organizations, even the Catholic Church. Globalists also control the big banks and major corporations. And Silicon Valley and hi-tech seem to be in full accordance with the One World agenda.