Embracing Economic Nationalism & Defending Canada From China Could Give Conservatives A Landslide Victory


With a near-total consensus among Canadians on viewing China negatively, and with self-sufficiency an imperative for our health & economic security, Conservatives have opportunity to reshape the political spectrum.

While their poll numbers are up recently amid necessary large-scale government support for Canadians impacted by the CCP Coronavirus Crisis, the Liberals have walked themselves into a trap.

For reasons either sinister or stupid, the Liberals have decided to be the 'pro-China' party in Canada, often siding with the CCP worldview rather than with Canadians or our allies.

And with a new survey showing China is now less popular among Canadians than ever before in history - with just 14% viewing China positively - the Liberals are exceedingly vulnerable to charges of being anti-democratic, disloyal, and against the Canadian People.

There is an historic opportunity here for the Conservatives to embrace economic nationalism, push back against China, and reshape Canada's political spectrum.

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