DRUTHERS - Canada’s New Alternative Newspaper - Because Mainstream Media, Sucks!


Druthers Newspaper:  This is exiting news!  The first issue of this new newspaper is complete. 25,000 physical copies are being printed right now. Druthers thanks everyone for their love and support in bringing this to fruition. This weekend they begin distributing the hard copies freely around Toronto & neighbouring cities.

Druthers Digital Version:  Click the following button to open the Druthers Digital Version in PDF format.

Druthers Online Version:

Read the Druthers Online Version at this web address:  https://druthers.net/

Crowd Funding

If you are passionate about helping get more REAL news & information into the hands and minds of more people across Canada, please consider helping out either by making a financial contribution or by volunteering some of your time, skills & expertise.

CONTACT: shawnjason72@gmail.com
This same email can be used for e-transfers.

ADVERTISERS WELCOMED, but only small / medium size businesses / organizations please. No giant corporate sponsors will ever be accepted. Ad spots start at $125 per edition / issue for a business card size ad.

Their GoGetFunding page is located here:  https://gogetfunding.com/druthers/

DRUTHERS  n. ...Informal... one's own way, choice, or preference: eg. 'If I had my druthers, we all would know the truth'