Dr. Robert Malone: ‘Gaslighted, Ridiculed, Defamed’ — But Not Discredited


Like others who tried to share truth and opinions that differ from the official COVID-19 narrative, Dr. Robert Malone said he's been viciously attacked by media, but wisdom and knowledge are now being validated on a near-daily basis.

"The evidence that a lot of this is being manipulated, hence the fear porn, is overwhelming in my opinion, and I cannot reconcile the abundant examples of public health mismanagement and misalignment between the need and the policies unless I account for the underlying financial agendas, geopolitical power agendas that are in play right now.

"And I think that those of us who are still committed to integrity and dignity and community need to circle the wagons and think through how to prepare for a future in which all of these agendas are coming to fruition.

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