Does owning Deco Labels put Doug Ford in a sticky situation?


After all, consider the company he owns, Deco Labels, which has plants in both Toronto and Chicago. Deco Labels manufactures various signage, stickers and decals - you know, the type that retailers must use these days to inform their customers of COVID-19 protocols in their shops. (Like those little vinyl arrows on the floor directing people to walk single file in specific directions, because the Wuhan virus absolutely abhors two-way pedestrian traffic and will infect persons disobeying those one-way floor arrows...)

In any event, we imagine that business is surely booming for Premier Ford these days. And if that is indeed the case, the question arises: why would the premier want to rush the province out of various levels of lockdowns? After all, doing so would NOT be good for business... well, HIS Deco Labels business, that is.

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