Do American-Jewish Millennials Really Know What’s Best for Israel?


On what moral grounds do these residents of the safe havens of Newton or Boca Raton have the chutzpah to be lecturing Israelis on how they should behave and what risks they should be prepared to accept in exchange for 'peace'? When the rockets are falling on their Massachusetts and Florida suburbs, perhaps they would then be in a better position to lecture Israelis on how they should just suck it up.

Here's my advice to these 300 millennials: In a world that is increasingly more hostile towards Jews, Israel is the bulwark that is vital to our long-term survival, so why don't you stand alongside Israelis and support their decisions on how best to secure their - and our - future? Instead of continuously nitpicking and sniping and grousing, why not acknowledge and respect Israel for having to make some very difficult decisions in the face of myriad existential threats?