Dissident Whites Must Create Network of Schools


I think there is a consensus that there is a high degree of subversion within our education system and mass media. Our next step should be to create an interlocking network of schools with a curriculum that is pro-White.

Part of the dispossession of Europeans both at home and in the diaspora has to do with brainwashing. We are taught that we are oppressors, that we are uniquely evil, that our history is something that we shouldn't be proud of, that replacement of ourselves with foreigners is a good thing, that denying us opportunities in favor of "diversity" is a priority. These ideas are hegemonic. They are everywhere. And, separating ourselves from the hegemonic discourse and thinking clearly for ourselves is exceptionally difficult. Few people are able to separate themselves from the brainwashing of the mass media and education system and come to their own sensible conclusions.

This is all common knowledge.

The question is: how do we take control of our own minds if we know that brainwashing is used as part of the mechanics of our dispossession?

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