Disgraced freelancer falsely claims peaceful Virginia 2A rally wasn’t “peaceful”


Monday's march for the 2nd Amendment in Richmond, Virginia went off without a hitch. Contrary to early reports that "swarms" of "white nationalists" would be descending upon the Virginia state capitol to protest gun control laws enacted by the commonwealth's General Assembly, most-if not all-of the gun rights activists remained orderly and self-composed.

Despite the peaceful protest, NBC reporters portrayed the event in negative terms, and even lied about it. MSNBC's Chris Hayes claimed in a broadcast that the rally sent an "explicit and implicit message" of "don't you dare enact our policies, if you do, we will use these guns against you." If anything, the Framers would be proud of seeing Americans generations ahead of them stand up for their God-given rights to defend themselves against the tyranny of an overbearing government.

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