Disgrace: After Tommy Robinson Exposed BBC Corruption, UK to 'Recharge' Him for Last Year's Non-IncidentSuper Bowl 2019: A Good One


The Tommy Robinson saga is a long one, but the latest chapter began on February 23, when he pulled back the curtain -- or shall we say turned the tables? -- on the BBC with a breathtaking documentary, Panodrama, in which vile Panorama presenter John Sweeney, who had planned a definitive, but fake, "exposé" of Tommy, was exposed not only as a preposterously dishonest excuse for a journalist but as an all-around unsavory human being.

Tommy's hidden-camera video of Sweeney, which I wrote about here on February 26, should have resulted in Sweeney's immediate termination and initiated a thorough parliamentary investigation of the BBC. Instead, it's resulted in several major actions against Tommy by corporate and government players around the world.