Did Justin Trudeau Sell Off Canada’s Gold To Help FINANCE An Islamic Currency In Africa?


Very interesting what can be uncovered in the world of investigative journalism. CAP has discovered what we believe has been withheld by media for the purpose of protecting our ruling Liberal government.

Justin Trudeau has always been a most curious decision maker. One of this PM's very first political decisions was to import 35,000 refugees from Syria. Call CAP crazy, but we think the initial decisions from a nascent prime minister should be for the benefit of actual Canadians-the very people that voted him into office. Makes good sense, right? Justin did no such thing.

Equally as odd-ball was Trudeau's decision to dump all holdings of gold soon after he slipped on his Canadian royal crown. Why did he do this-especially so early in the game.?Logic informs that this must have been a pre-meditated decision. It's not as though this would be a spontaneous, off-the-cuff decision-even for the reckless, immature Justin Trudeau.

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