After Roman Baber Asks Ontario MPPs To Live On CERB, Legislature Cuts Baber’s Salary


Ontario MPP Roman Baber - who was ousted from the PC Caucus for sharing information that questioned lockdowns - put forth a private members bill seeking to reduce the salaries of Ontario MPPs to the rate of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB).

The point Baber is making is that lockdowns have shuttered many businesses and eliminated many jobs, leaving people with no choice but to try and subsist on CERB payments.

So, shouldn't the politicians who push those lockdowns also live on the same amount of money?

Well, it seems Ontario MPPs found it 'funny' to be asked to live in the same kind of financial stress that others face, since they responded by making a mockery of Baber's bill and voting unanimously to cut only his salary.

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