Depressed? Don’t worry: Be Happy


I am beginning to wonder if we are misdiagnosing sadness as depression. How is it possible that millions of people would not be sad after the years of Covid when "mental illness" in our children went through the roof, and now fear mongering over climate? And those attacks on free speech? Is there a pill for that sadness, too? What about the damage we are witnessing that is being done to our children by adults who try and confuse them about their "being"? Who let these people get close to our children to tell them they may be in the wrong body when they never questioned their body in the first place? And now schools taking away parental rights regarding the "identification" of their children? How many of those children will develop "depression"?

I know the difference between sadness and depression. Sadness lives in those of us who see the world falling apart, our freedoms shrinking, our rights taken away, our families destroyed and have to watch as friends and family continue to bend the knee to false gods and governments. How can we not be sad? But NO. It's depression. No-it's sadness over fear for the future.

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