Defend Yourself With Deadly Force?


We thought that Ontario Premier, Doug Ford, couldn't be serious when he publicly stated that he was going to everyone's home to force us to be vaccinated. However, a couple of days ago we had the "Vaccine Agents" come to our apartment building requesting to give us a vaccine shot. We declined. Since then we've been thinking about the following:

My research and the recent deaths and health casualties have convinced me the these untested vaccines are unquestionably "death shots" and "lethal weapons". So what does one normally do when an unknown person or persons come to your door with a deadly weapon?  Yes, you defend yourself with deadly force.  It's a little difficult to do here in Canada but it can be done if your life is in danger. In America, no problem. So think about this and let me know what you think: How would you prepare for a visit from Vaccine Agents?