Dear Media: Your Failure to Condemn Antifa Proves Donald Trump is Right About You…


Because an organization like Antifa proclaims itself to be anti-Trump, because media is so anti-Trump, the two of you have seemingly formed a bond. Antifa commits violence against Americans. But usually the "right" kind of Americans, like people who wear MAGA hats or otherwise right-leaning folks. Therefore, in the eyes of media, Antifa gets a pass. The enemy of my enemy kind of thing. Classy.

Antifa is a violent faction which should be condemned regardless of what party you vote for down the ballot. Antifa is a plight on the American way of life. Antifa claims to be "anti-fascists" but they are the fascists. They are violent against their opposition and use fear and intimidation to bulldoze their way through cities. Police in leftist cities like Portland and Seattle do almost zero to stop them, because Antifa is a leftist faction.

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