Dear Ilhan Omar: It’s Not Because You’re Muslim. It’s Because You’re a Hateful Sh*t Stick


Men and women in politics are scrutinized for their words, their deeds, their records and whether or not they married a sibling - regardless of race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, and marital sibling status. But you seem to think people merely quoting your words is somehow "inciting violence" if not blatant Islamophobia. So, allow me to set you straight on this one, sister. Republicans and/or conservatives don't target you because you're a Muslim. We target you because you're a vile, nasty, anti-semitic, pro-terrorist, thin-skinned little brat.

All of these points, Ilhan Omar, paint an ugly picture. None of these points, Ilhan Omar, have anything to do with your headscarf. So next time someone takes issue with any number of your policy and character flaws, spare us all. People don't hate you because you're Muslim. They hate you because you're an awful human being in a position of power.