Corona Virus Concentration Camps


The corona virus 'pandemic' seems to have brought out the worst of western governments. Imposed lockdowns, denial of religious services, a mask mandate, and more restrictions yet to be implemented but having been promised. Our governments have seemed to embrace these newfound powers, granted to them by the supposed democratic mandate of a fearful population (a population they intimidated and made compliant). Yet in some ways, the power elite, or the 'Cathedral', have over played their hand.

Covid Totalitarianism

Many people are conscious of the many contradictions and lack of consistency surrounding the pandemic. These include how thousands of people could riot, in memory of a drug addict who may or may not have died as a result of a seemingly violent arrest, without being affected or causing a corona virus cases to spike. Or better yet, how the only people who seem to be threatened by Covid-19 are of the same demographics that find the seasonal influenza a challenge. Many people, and not just those in my intimidate circle, have iterated these statements before; unfortunately, they remain in a state of double think, or hypernormalisation. They know what their senses and rationality are telling them, yet they still follow mainstream media and politicians. They do not try to harmonize the contradictions but rather, one moment they express and advocate one view, and the next they will espouse its opposite.