Connecting the Dots


Perhaps Americans are not really asleep, just suffering from the flaws of their educational system. We can blame that on the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. It eliminated John Dewey's educational reform that approached learning through human experience, observation, and the free exchange of intellectual ideas. We substituted inquisitive learning for standardized-based reform by selling high standards that applied measured goals as the chief objective in the classroom to improve performance.

Minorities are now the primary target. It changed what kids were taught, the test they would take, and how teachers would be trained. It holds school districts hostage when they do not show improvement in standardized tests, and they face a loss of accreditation. Schools teach the test. Hundreds of inner-city schools have closed.

Students are no longer trained how to think, but they memorize, mimic, and copy well. They don't know the difference between a hypothesis or supposition or how to challenge the value of a statement through investigation. The media has become their primary source of information whom they gladly accept as the authority.

When cities were being burnt last summer by Black Lives Matter and Antifa, the media joined their cause and laid the groundwork for empathy. Their audiences were sucked under the current. People generally understood that these groups had different agendas, but few understood why they bonded. They have common goals; abolish the American criminal justice system, free markets and property ownership.

Since the health of democracy depends on the freedom to discuss, the global elites wield a strong axe of censorship. They influence their audience to drink the Kool-aide and use their followers like idiots.

Perhaps that explains the large number of Black Lives Matter signs in well-to-do neighborhoods. The media has hidden the fact that this organization was founded by communists seeking to destroy democracy.

On the other hand, the people who connect the dots, the thinkers, know that criticism is the backbone of scientific method. They possess an instinct to challenge and utilize discovery through investigation.

Censorship represents the loss of that freedom.

Free exchange of intellectual ideas was not allowed in Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, Cuba, or China where totalitarianism took control of an individual's mind and spirit. Book burning of the past targeted ideologies that oppose totalitarian philosophy, and it instilled fear into the general population.

Today, we call it cancel culture, stem culture, and systemic racism.

They use the same ploy as Nazi Germany that referred to the "new German spirit" that focused on courage to fight evil, and that means anyone who disagrees with them.

Supporters of these movements terrorize their targets through the sustained onslaught of intimidation by publicly exposing a person's private information. We call that doxing. The media succeeded in using this ploy to destroy President Trump's Administration and turned many of his supporters against him.

Tracing the spiderweb of corporations and holding companies would be difficult, but we can compare some of the political convictions of most of the billionaire leaders in the media industry. Profits drive these conglomerates on the surface, but the leaders know that they have more power in setting the American political agenda than Congress. Their coverage defines reality; the world conceives the issue as they deliver the story.

  • Jeffrey Adam Zucker (137 billion), a huge supporter of Hillary Clinton, controls CNN, part of Warner Media that was purchased by ATT&T in 2016. Before that, he was at the helm of NBC Universal, another piece of their conglomerate. Zucker stalked the Trump Administration from the day he took office with negative information and personally pushed Congress into impeaching the president and then went on the attack against people that disagreed with their news coverage.
  • Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch (18 Billion) founders of the Europe and Asia News Corp, owners of Fox 4, the Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones Company, New York Post, Satellite Television worldwide, and Illyalid Investment Corp. They are founders of the Quadrivium Foundation, a leftist democracy reform movement. They were financial brokers in the Biden Presidential Campaign and hired Jessica Tarlow, head strategist of the Democratic Party, an unabashed leftist whose specialty was bullying conservatives by creating drama and fake news.
  • Brian J. Roberts (1.8 Billion), Chairman and CEO of Comcast. Roberts, a Democrat, was a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton. He owns controlling shares of stock in NBC.
  • Sheri Redstone (4.6 Billion), daughter of Summer Redstone, the billionaire media magnate. Redstone helped form Viacom CBS, and operates networks in 160 countries. As a liberal Democrat, she donates heavily to the party and prides herself on building a partnership between the internet and broadcasting industries.
  • Jeffrey Bezos (137 Billion), owner of Amazon and the Washington Post, an exclusively Democrat Newspaper. Bezos has been a champion of the Democratic Party and liberal issues such as same-sex marriage.
  • Mark Elliott Zuckenberg (98 Billion), co-founder and controlling stockholder of FaceBook. He utilizes his business as a platform for other companies like U-Tube. He has the ability to force companies to comply with his political views. He works closely with the Murdoch family as an environmental advocate, anti-democracy and the establishment of socialism, and the destruction of the status quo. He has been the master of censorship.
  • Michael Bloomberg (50 Billion), owner of Business Week. A far-left Democrat and supporter of the global elite.
  • Warren Buffett (63 Billion), owner of 63 regional newspapers, the Liberty Media Corp., and Lee Enterprises. He was a huge supporter of Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and is a far-left globalist. He contributes handsomely to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation known to champion vaccines that cause autism in children and other adverse effects. They also are huge anti-Trump advocates.
  • Carlos Helu (63.7 Billion), a citizen of Mexico and owner of the New York Times. His holding company, Grupo Carso, America Movil, is Latin America's largest telecom company. It has been estimated that Helu owns 60% of all the Mexican stocks in his country. He is a strong advocate for an open border.
  • Jim Kennedy (9 Billion), a radio and television magnate who owns Cox Enterprises. He is an extreme leftist democrat with globalist ideologies.

The media in the United States organized into a single body through holding companies that operate the same as a pool. They are allowed to do that by the Unites States legal system, and they have a monopoly over the airways. They are the most powerful single source of influence over our government and the voters, and they have the power to censor.

This group of elite global media magnets appears to be part of a united front that attracts and offers incentives to anyone of influence, a very sophisticated movement. How close are they attached to the Chinese Communist Party?

Jonah Kessel, a member of the New York Times staff, formerly worked for the Chinese Daily, the Chinese Communist Party newspaper. His role was in the propaganda arm of the CCP, and he worked there eight years.

Apple and Disney accommodate and silently supports the CCP despotism concerning the anti-democratic hostilities of China. That includes Netflix and Warner Media. Why, to gain greater access to the internal markets. At the same time, these companies are actively hostile to the state of Georgia's election reform. Apple may be designed in California, but the major portion of the parts for their products come from China.

Who is connected to who? Observation tells us that the networks are well orchestrated.

A billionaire's bank account runs off the page. They donate huge amounts of money to candidates through a haystack of political pacts and use their medium to campaign for them. They manipulate the officeholders whom they have elected like pimps, to push their political agendas.

The media censors, ignores investigations that may hurt Democrats, attacks their political adversaries, and colors the news to lead viewers in their chosen direction. We call this the "yellow press." When they are doxing, they push respectable corporations like Hallmark and Bed Bath and Beyond to publicly degrade their target by publicly admonishing them.

Does the Democratic National Committee run the party, or does the media dictate party politics?

Immediately after he was sworn in, Joe Biden began a political charade by signing a stack of presidential orders that immediately began changing our society. In doing so, Biden established the Democratic Party as a vanguard social movement by altering the traditional understanding of his party's platform. He defies the safeguards our founding fathers built into the constitution that protects freedom, and he set into motion the establishment of a socialist nation.

The Democratic Congress followed suit initiating sweeping changes demonizing freedom of speech, right to own a gun, the security of honest elections, and government control of social mores. To terrorize their opposition, they applied cancel culture, and then pressured the media for increased censorship and doing.

Being a billionaire is not about how much you can buy; it is the power money gives you.

Global elitists find democracy a hindrance. They prefer a political system that controls the labor force, wages, and keeps them in control of the world's economy by eliminating the voice of the citizens.

China first, America last, seems to be the policy of billionaire businesses in the United States. Many have moved their manufacturing plants to support China's communist party, a political system that portrays itself as enemies of democracy.

Biden's renewal energy plan will create new jobs, but most of them will be in China. The State Department clearly knows that particles for solar panels come from the region that the Communist Party utilizes slave labor.

Genocide is the final phase of censorship. It allows a government to eliminate an entire race, religion, or culture. We are witnessing the tyranny of Communist China slowly murdering a million Uighur Muslims. Silence signifies acceptance and our political leaders and media have turned their back.

Companies who continue to do business with the Chinese Communists, as well as Americans who purchase products from China, are equivalent to the chauffeur for a criminal hitman, their role serves as a form of sanction during a crime against humanity.

President Biden stands idly by, throws the communist more jobs and American money, and the media offers no resistance because they are busy doing their own cleansing.

Strong leaders like Harry Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower, champions of democracy, would not tolerate the wholesale slaughter of innocent people. They would threaten to sever diplomatic relations with China, including trade, and followed through.

The CCP has annexed Tibet and Hong Kong, now they are poised for attacking Taiwan.

It will be extensively bloody, but short, and the survivors in Taiwan will be China's next target for extermination. When Donald Trump was president, the United States posed a threat, but not under Biden.

Our country has the greatest influence in China because we are their biggest customer in foreign trade, and they own a vast number of businesses, property in the United States, and a huge chunk of our national debt. Nothing would hurt the CCP more than losing their economic trade with us. Dollar diplomacy goes a long way.

Two Democrats in Congress have indicated that they are willing to step across the aisle and work with Republicans to prevent the radical left Congress from treading on the Constitution. Senator Krysten Sinema and Senator Joe Manchin have indicated they do not favor packing the court or the destruction of honest elections.

This act of bravery provides hope to all Americans who value freedom.

The cancel culture will curse them as traitors, but these two politicians are providing the nation with a fresh role model for diplomacy. There was a time when both parties worked together in the best interest of our nation. That ceased a half-century ago. Perhaps the courage of these Senators will ignite Republicans by re-introducing the value of a two-party system, and compromise will once again become the strength of our democratic republic.

By Theodore Wilson

April 16, 2021