Conceit, lies, greed and the Covid debacle


As Dan Bongino has formulated, if masks work, why aren't they working? If lockdowns work, why haven't they "stopped the spread?" What about vaccines? They were billed as preventatives, not therapeutics. If vaccinations are really preventative, why haven't they stopped breakthrough infections? Why are many of the vaccinated acquiring and shedding the variants? In fact, why didn't it occur to the leading lights in infectious disease, epidemiology, and public health that Covid would spin-off variants? Or did it occur to them but the information was suppressed? Many elites are more invested in narratives than truth.

If you don't think hubristic elites are capable of even greater overreach, capable of imposing a bigger scope of ruinous policies, worse governance, and disaster on a historic scale, we'd like you to meet yet another conceit, "manmade" climate change.

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