Civic Nationalism is a Fraud


The only course of action that will avert this tragedy is the complete ending of non-white immigration into white countries, the gradual repatriation of non-whites back to their homelands and the restoration of white fertility back to replacement level. This, and only this, can save whites from replacement and extinction, and Western society from collapse.

You see, civic nationalists are terrified of being called racist by non-whites, globalists and the political left. In fact, so much so that they're literally willing to go along with the extinction of their own race just to prove they aren't racist. This pathetic act of virtue signalling is the same as drowning your own children just to prove you don't love them more than other children. Not only are you supposed to prefer your own race, just as you're supposed to prefer your own children, but by going along with the extinction of whites, civic nationalists will guarantee the destruction of the very thing they claim to be preserving, Western society.

Civic nationalism truly is a disgusting fraud. It isn't even nationalism, it's no different to globalism, it's vague, it's practically impossible to enforce, it's born from cowardice, it's never worked and it never will work. But most importantly, it cannot save our people, whites, from replacement and extinction. Please, for the sake of our people, don't fall for this disgusting fraud.

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