CBC, Islamic Activists Brand CANADA RACIST On World Hijab Day


"While it is crucial to mark the date and honour the lives lost, the way many Canadians did again this week, as two Muslim women and visible minorities who have been working to improve inclusivity in this country, we know there is more to defeating hate."

CAP Interpretation: The Middle Eastern Religious Supremacy Brigade, along with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation(CBC), inform society that "more needs to be done."

Canada's anti-racism measures-including the Islamic-skewed M103 motion, are not good enough. Fact, or non-fact: these types are 100% insatiable. Nothing is good enough, more must be done, and btw...Canada is a racist, bigoted and Islamo-phobic nation.

"When MP Iqra Khalid introduced motion M-103 in 2017 calling on the federal government to condemn and study Islamophobia, systemic racism and religious discrimination, she was met with near-hysterical backlash from the far-right."

CAP Interpretation: The pro-Islamic CBC are lying. Indeed, the push-back was massive, but it incorporated far more than just this "fringe element" of society.

And why wouldn't it. CAP label M103 as the most self-serving, biased government motion of the past 50 years. Why? Because it was created by fundamentalist religious people-namely, MP Iqra Khalid and "superior-than-thou" National Council of Canadian Muslims--that's why.

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