Carbon taxes will cost you


Canadians got a hint of what their carbon tax burden could become during the federal election debate when leaders argued over the Paris emissions targets.

"We have reached three-quarters of the way to our 2030 targets, which we will meet and surpass," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Oct 7.

What would happen to carbon taxes under that scenario?

Environment Canada documents show Canada would need a carbon tax of $100 per tonne to meet the 2030 targets, and a carbon tax of $300 per tonne to meet the 2050 targets.

Trudeau said he wants to "exceed" the 2030 targets. By how much?

There should not be a carbon tax hidden agenda in Canada. If the carbon tax gets jacked up to $100 per tonne, that would add to the cost of gasoline and diesel by 22 cents per litre of gasoline and 27 cents per litre of diesel.

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