Canadians won’t be the only ones voting on Monday


True North has found yet another example of Elections Canada fraud and non-citizens illegally being invited to vote.

If you trust the polls, Monday's election will be a nail-biter. No party appears to be in a position to win a majority of seats in the House of Commons, and the Conservatives and the Liberals are neck in neck.

That means this election will be won at the margins - a few thousand votes scattered around swing ridings across Canada.

Your individual vote matters a lot more than usual, especially if you live in competitive districts in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, but also major cities like Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg and Halifax.

Unfortunately for Canadians, we're not the only ones voting in this federal election.

As True North reported earlier this week, several non-citizens have come forward to say they've received Elections Canada voter cards despite not being eligible to vote. 

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