Canadian jihadists are bolder than ever, meanwhile Trudeau weakens our laws


Earlier this week, the Trudeau government voted to weaken Canada's anti-terrorism laws.

At a time when dozens of known ISIS fighters have returned to Canada, and while every major Canadian city has operational jihadist terrorist cells, the Liberals passed a bill to limit the powers of our security agencies in disrupting active terror plots.

The new Liberal law adds roadblocks and additional red tape to terror investigations, making it more difficult for authorities to stop attacks while giving known jihadists additional protections under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

One such jihadist is Abu Huzaifa al-Kanadi, an alias he gave himself while fighting for ISIS.

Huzaifa was raised in the Toronto area, and returned to Pakistan to study as a teenager. From there, he lied to his family and travelled to Syria to become an ISIS fighter.

Huzaifa is the subject of a New York Times podcast called Caliphate. He has been speaking with Times reporter Rukmini Callimachi for nearly two years since he returned to Canada from Syria.

In the remarkable podcast, Huzaifa openly discusses his grisly acts of violence as a sharia law enforcer for ISIS. He describes in detail two executions he carried out, implying there were others too.

He killed one man for not submitting to ISIS, while he stabbed another man in the heart before crucifying him in a town square.

He describes torturing a man, lashing him repeatedly with a studded whip. That man's crime? His wife was not wearing the proper ISIS-mandated niqab - the black robe that covers every inch of a woman's body.

Huzaifa is now back at his parent's house in the Toronto area, attending a Canadian university.

When Canadian authorities started investigating him, Huzaifa panicked. He tried to bribe the Times into shelving the podcast, and when that didn't work, he went to the CBC and fed them a different story.

He lied about the dates he was in Syria, and his motivation for going - admitting these lies to the Times.

In the latest episode of Caliphate, released this week, Huzaifa confessed that he's also lying to Canadian authorities. He admitted that he was in Syria with ISIS but insisted he didn't commit any violence.

"The reason I hid that is because that's not their business. It took place in a war zone," he said. "It's not their business, it's my business."

"What's the most they can do?" he said.

When the host pushed back, saying people are afraid of ISIS, Huzaifa defended the terrorist army and blamed the West for getting involved. He doubled down on his extremist ideology and commitment to violent jihad.

"You don't have to worry about the violence part ... not until I'm in the proper time and place for it," he said. "The battlefield."

We also learned he's speaking to a counselor, but that the counselor had, according to the New York Times reporter, "essentially given up", saying Huzaifa is more radicalized now than ever, and more egotistical - believing he's outsmarted Canadian officials and "gamed the system."

Imagine the arrogance of this ISIS fighter, deliberately lying to Canadian authorities while openly telling the truth about his terrorist activities to an American podcast.

And imagine the incompetence of the Trudeau government, letting an admitted ISIS murderer live freely in Canada, and on top of it all, receive a taxpayer-subsidized education at a Canadian university.

Instead of cracking down on ISIS terrorists like Huzaifa, Trudeau is weakening our anti-terror laws.

What's next, a $10 million cheque?

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