Canada's Islamists Impede the Counterjihad While Seeking Taxpayer Monies


Tarek Fatah, founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress, finds the Islamist influence in Canada troubling for "secular or liberal Muslims who escaped the Jihadi tyranny of the Taliban, Iranian Ayatollahs, and Mullahs of Indo-Pakistan." "The Islamists in Canada are using classic Muslim Brotherhood tactics to establish themselves as the primary victims of racism and what they refer to as 'Islamophobia,'" he said, noting that Canada's politicians will not stand up to them but instead "submit to the whims of the Islamic theocracy."

NCCM bragged on Twitter of obtaining $5.6 million for a "Special Representative on Combating Islamophobia," $4 million for the "Muslims in Canada Archives," $85 million for a new "Anti-Racism Strategy and Nation (sic) Action Plan on Combating Hate." It also boasted of its successful effort to interfere with the CRA's enforcement efforts, which it passed off as an $89.9 million policy to "reform the current method of targeting terrorist financing in Canada."

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