Canada: New Conservative Party Leader Being Coerced by Islamic Groups


Erin O'Toole has already displayed an inclination to compromise democratic values when he found himself at the center of bitter infighting and "Islamophobia" accusations against his opponent Jim Karahalios prior to the party's leadership convention in August. The scandal centered around Karahalios challenging O'Toole's Muslim campaign chair Walied Soliman over Soliman's support for Sharia financing and associations with the MAC. Karahalios was ultimately ejected from the leadership race, undemocratically.

O'Toole's next-level campaign for the leadership of Canada as its Prime Minister should depend - among a list of general attributes for any leader - on his loyalty to all Canadians; his protection of the freedom of speech, which is under attack in Canada; and his ability to be a leader, not a follower of any special interest groups. He should also recognize that Islamic supremacists generally do not vote Conservative, despite what they might tell him.

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