Canada: Landlord loses appeal to overturn order to pay Muslims $12,000 for wearing shoes in their prayer room


Alabi's case should be noted carefully, as it sets a precedent and gives a warning: anyone who opposes a Muslim, even justifiably, can possibly have his or her life ruined and be made into a public example, if the Muslim merely claims discrimination. It is reminiscent of Pakistan, where Christians live in fear of trumped-up charges of blasphemy in any dispute with Muslims.

What is difficult for many to understand is that the trampling of the rights of one citizen today signifies that anyone's rights could be trampled tomorrow. Islamic supremacist incursion into Canada is threatening the freedom of its citizens. Citizens are no longer safe when government tribunals and courts, which were intended to protect justice and the human rights of all, become biased, agenda-driven, and politically weaponized against the people.