Canada is turning feminists into criminals


Back in 2016, I was one of the lone voices who spoke out against Bill C-16, Canada's gender-identity legislation, testifying at the Senate that enshrining gender identity in law would likely result in the nullification of women's sex-based rights. All my fears came to fruition - and more - as males who identify as 'transwomen' are being transferred to women's prisons, allowed access to shelters for women escaping domestic abuse, permitted to use women's and girls' changing rooms and washrooms, and dictating what women may and may not say about all of this.

Two bills, introduced by the ruling Liberal Party, threaten to turn women like me into criminals. In November 2020, Liberal Party member and then heritage minister Steven Guilbeault introduced Bill C-10 in the House of Commons, which proposes to amend the Broadcasting Act to include internet and digital media. If passed, platforms like YouTube and Facebook would be treated as broadcasters, meaning that user-generated content could be subject to Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) regulation. This means that those who engage in what the government determines to be 'hate speech' online could be censored.

In June 2021, Liberal Party MP David Lametti introduced Bill C-36, which would amend Canada's Criminal Code and the Canadian Human Rights Act in order to tackle 'online hate'. The Liberals promised during September's federal election that this new legislation would be a priority in the new parliamentary session, which began last week.

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