Canada has no space for Sir John A, but plenty for Jinnah


On Saturday the city of Victoria removed the bronze statue of the founder of Canada, Sir John A. as he is fondly remembered across the country. For all his faults as our first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald literally carved out a country out of a territory, but he was cast aside in a dustbin of history with not a word of outrage from any MP or Minister, let alone the Prime Minister who occupies the institution our first prime minister created.

Contrast that with the May 12, 2018 dedication of a park in Winnipeg dedicated to the founder of Pakistan, M.A. Jinnah who was responsible for the amputation of historic Hindustan leading to the death of a million lives in 1947, three million in 1971 and four wars.

When M.A. Jinnah triumphs over Sir John A. Macdonald for acceptance in Canada, is Bernier not right in his indignation?

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