Call to Action: Write to Warren Kinsella about election interference


According to Mr. Kinsella:  "I'm proud to oppose bigots like Bernier, paid or not. And the client who wanted to expose and oppose bigotry? They deserve credit, not criticism."  And further: 

"Any of you who are depicting Maxime Bernier as in any way a victim are assisting a racist. You are helping him. You should stop doing that."

If you are disgusted by this insult as well as his interference in the election process, please write or telephone and express your thoughts. 


TELEPHONE: (416) 642-3100

SAMPLE LETTER: (Better to write your own!

Dear Mr. Kinsella,

It was bad enough that the liberal media was out to frame Maxime Bernier and his supporters with lies, distortions and misrepresentation. But what you have done, on behalf of Andrew Scheer, proves that you are a vicious, untrustworthy and evil individual. And do not shift the focus off your unspeakable behaviour. In your smear-monger's and pompous and libelous statement, you said the following:

"Any of you who are depicting Maxime Bernier as in any way a victim are assisting a racist. You are helping him. You should stop doing that."

How dare you make such a repellent statement? You are worse than Hillary and her "basket of deplorables". There are hundreds of thousands of Canadian citizens who believe and support Maxime's policies. Arrogant people like you think you have the right to make blanket statements without consequence.

"I've been researching, writing about, and opposing racism for more than three decades. Maxime Bernier and his People's Party are indisputably racist. They are bigots. They have anti-Semitic and homophobic members."

Show us one example of Maxime being a racist or a hater. What you despise about Maxime and his candidates is that they will not bow down at the altar of hypocrisy. They don't make false promises. They don't believe in political correctness or reasonable accommodation or the climate nonsense. They are not whores in the way that the other parties are just to win a vote.

You are typical of those Globalists who believe that anyone who speaks out against massive immigration is racist. Speaking out against the SOGI programs in schools in efforts to protect our children is racist. Standing up for free speech and fighting for the rights of allowing speakers - and those who wish to attend - make us unreasonable and racist.

I do not take kindly to being told that I cannot attend a Jordan Peterson or Lindsay Shepherd event or view the documentary "Killing Europe" at a Library or the movie "Unplanned" because someone doesn't like it. I live in a democracy. I have a right to choose. Isn't that what all the feminists and the 'MeToo' yell at us all the time?

I do not accept that organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center or their recently minted clone, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, or the National Council of Canadian Muslims or Antifa have the right to shove their fascist ideology down my throat and tell me how to think or what I am "allowed" to attend.

You need to be held to account for your egregious and fraudulent accusations against Maxime and the PPC. People like you and the disgracefully biased quisling CBC and all the mainstream media who have worked together to try and destroy Maxime Bernier are bullies and despicable and should be held accountable.

And finally:

"All the journalists calling and texting: I get it. You have a job to do, and it's the final weekend. But I'm just not going to respond anymore. So, stop trying. Sorry."

What a coward you are. You dish out the dirt but are not even man enough to face the consequences.

You are one of the many who are destroying this nation with your media-endorsed slander. People like you should not be given a free licence to defame Canadian citizens and political leaders. You should be charged with libel and slander.

Maxime's supporters, of which there are many, will never allow people like you, the media, Antifa thugs or punks on social media to intimidate us. We will fight back and defend ourselves. We will be pit bulls and no longer chihuahuas.

Yours truly,