Call to Action – Boycott the Upcoming Debates


As we like to say, you'll be a victim as long as you choose to be a victim! On that note, are you tired of being victimized? Well, unlike the leftists who thrive on it, the grassroots won't stand for it and can't tolerate it!

So, will you join us in sending Debate's Commissioner David Johnston a message advising that you commit to Boycott the Debates unless Maxime Bernier is included?

Who are they to dictate to Canadians how this election will unfold?

No Bernier = No Viewers!

Send an email to David Johnston -

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Democracy thrives on freedom of speech, thought and open debate and we have a duty to defend it. Listen to Maxime speak to the Media here:

Please share this message with like-minded Canadians.

Independent poll shows PPC Party is doing well and a real contender. Click here:

Thank you from the team at Action4Canada