British Jewish Newspaper Buckles to Hamas


Certainly, the JC's report that Interpal was designated by the U.S. government is incontrovertible. As for its other claim-that Interpal chairman Ibrahim Hewitt has called for the killing of adulterers-this is based on a book written by Hewitt in 1993. I have long kept a copy of the book, and, as you can see for yourself, Hewitt does indeed call for the killing of adulterers. Hewitt also advocates murdering homosexuals, although quickly adds that this would only be acceptable in an Islamic state.

On August 23, the Jewish Chronicle (JC), Britain's largest Jewish newspaper and one of the oldest Jewish newspapers in the world, published an apology and handed 50,000 pounds (more than $60,000) to Interpal, a British Muslim charity linked closely to Hamas, the murderous Palestinian terrorist organization in Gaza.

We know this is not true. The JC knows this is not true. And Interpal knows that we all know it is not true. But now one of the most important Hamas institutions in Europe can go to the next newspaper that dares to think about reporting the group's Hamas ties and warn that even British Jewry has recognized and funded the terror charity's preposterous claims of innocence.

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