Britain: Land of Lost Hope and Faded Glory?


On his July 25 call-in show, UKIP founder and Brexit godfather Nigel Farage took up the issue of "grooming gangs" - you know, those groups of young Muslim men who have been raping young non-Muslim girls for years, decades even, in cities across the UK. Not until 23 minutes into the hour-long program did one hear a critical word about Islam. A caller dared to assert, correctly, that the whole rape thing, far from being at odds with Islam, is rooted in Islamic teaching. A palpably uneasy Farage was quick to try to rein him in. At the 47-minute point, a Hindu listener phoned in and pointed out that Pakistani Muslims in Britain target not only white girls but also Sikh and Hindu girls. They have, he said, a "disrespectful attitude to non-Muslim girls." In Britain, he noted, there's no such thing as Sikh or Hindu rape gangs. And he added that he was sick of seeing headlines about "Asian grooming gangs" when, in fact, they're always Muslim.

Absolutely true. But Farage's response to this came off as timid. "Interesting perspective," he chirped. Interesting perspective? No - it's all plain facts.