Facebook bans any mention of 'dangerous' Tommy Robinson


On January 18, 2020, British freedom fighter Tommy Robinson gave a spectacular and damning speech at the Danish Parliament in Copenhagen while accepting the 2019 Sappho Award from the Free Press Society. The speech was so damning, in fact, that it appears Facebook doesn't want you to see it.

Tommy Robinson, who was banned from Facebook within 24 hours after he spectacularly humiliated the BBC, is particularly dangerous to the establishment because he is not intimidated by the obnoxious media elite, he is extremely articulate, appeals to British working people who are sick of the condescending left and frankly makes the mainstream media look like the frauds they are.

As previously reported at RAIR, Facebook has already publicly declared in Denmark that any positive mention of Tommy Robinson would be removed from their platform. Slanderous comments about Tommy Robinson, however, are welcome on Facebook and will not be removed.

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