Boris Johnson could be about to lose everything – or redefine British politics


Boris Johnson has already decided on his election message: vote for me and get Brexit, vote for anyone else and get Jeremy Corbyn. He will ask voters: who can you imagine negotiating best with Brussels? Me, or Corbyn? Clear as the message may be, the Prime Minister is risking everything in this contest. He could lose it all: Brexit, his premiership, the party, the works. He could go down in history as the shortest-lived occupant of No. 10. Or he could win, take this country out of the EU, then realign and reshape British politics.

The Brexit party is the nut to crack. Ukip won less than 2 per cent of the vote last time, but the Brexit party is polling in double digits. So far, Farage has said he will stand down only if the Tories give up any hope of a deal with the EU and go for no deal. They won't. The PM remains surprisingly optimistic about the possibilities of getting a deal; he hinted to cabinet on Monday that things were going better with the Irish.

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