Border Crisis in Canada


Canada's southern border is being invaded by illegal migrants!  In 2017, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent a tweet, welcoming the world's self-professed refugees to Canada. In the first 12 months that followed Trudeau's invitation, Canadian officials processed over fifty thousand illegals, meaning there are now more people seeking asylum illegally than legally in the country. And, during that same period of 12 months, Canada's federal officers, the RCMP intercepted over twenty thousand people who simply, illegally walked across the border. Meantime, already this year, over 6,300 illegal border jumpers have arrived in Canada this way. 

The main illegal port of entry across Roxham Rd, between New York and Quebec, is a location I've been reporting on for over year but nothing could prepare me for what I saw during my trip to the border this week... 

The most jarring discovery of my latest trip to the border was the increase in sheer numbers of illegals entering Canada! 

Once upon a time, taxi sedans would bring illegals from the nearby bus station in Pkattsburg NY to the border crossing in Champlain, but now, shuttle busses drove in their stead, to accommodate the illegal influx. At certain parts of the day, there would be unadulterated periods of 20 to 30 minutes where a non-stop flow of migrants would arrive, with an average of 20 migrants arriving per cohort. This time, the majority of migrants said they hailed from Nigeria, while others cited Zimbabwe, Haiti, Kenya, and even one man in a suit from Jordan. And the migrant flow doesn't stop at sunset; rather, Canada's illegal revolving back door continues to spin into the middle of the night. 

 Watch as I share exclusive footage of the 24 hour illegal migrant railroad into Canada's welfare state and announce an action plan for immigration patriots who demand #BorderActionNow!