Black Lives Matter Killed 2,000 Black People


While people of all races were more likely to be murdered in the year of Black Lives Matter, black people were disproportionately likely to be killed as a result of police defunding and the George Floyd Effect, as well as the pressure on the justice system to open up prisons, free criminals, and stop arresting new criminals in the name of fighting for the big lie of racial justice. The 62% increase in the murders of black people should be the headline in every single media outlet which currently treats the lack of black classical musicians or chefs as a major crisis.

Now the sum total of the carnage is in. 5,839 black people killed. 2021 is on track to see more elevated murder rates. The question is how many black people have to die until the big lie of systemic racism, the scam of anti-racism, and the criminal justice reform killing fields end.

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