Black Lives Matter is the New KKK


Black Lives Matter has become a modern militant arm of the Democrat Party. BLM terrorizes those who disagree with the Democrat Party's radical agenda. Members of the BLM target whites, and black Republicans, doing what they can to use fear and terror to silence the Democrat Party's opposition. The hated Republican President, Donald J. Trump, who the Democrats and BLM despise, seems to be reason enough for them to target the vote, such as the elimination of the Electoral College, and fraud to change the outcome of the next election. To criticize BLM is to place yourself in grave jeopardy, for they are merciless, and extremely violent in their attempt to influence the system, and to overthrow the U.S. Constitution which they consider racist, and because they feel it gives whites too many benefits and privileges. As far as they are concerned, the death of their opposition would be a good start.

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