Black Appraisals of Black Lives Matter – Part III


According to Niger Innis "The BLM movement, the Black Lives Matter movement, was founded by Alicia Garza and a number of other co-founders that were promoting a hard Marxist and LGBT agenda. Look, I don't have a problem with people exercising their First Amendment rights. You have the right to organize, you have the right to protest, you have the right to come up with an agenda. But I'll be goddamned if you use the suffering and misery of black Americans and our legacy to the United States of America as your shield and use us as cannon fodder when your agenda really has not a damn thing to do with saving black lives.

Read the comments of the following people:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Robert L. Woodson, Niger Innis, Burgess Owens, Candace Owens, Richard Sherman, Burgess Owens, Chloé Valdary, Denzel Washington, Muhammad Ali Jr

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